The Knoxville Police Department embarked on an initiative to thoroughly assess and enhance its IT infrastructure, encompassing hardware, software, and network components. In pursuit of this goal, the Department partnered with Avèro to develop a Technology Strategic Plan. This plan aims to address current challenges, optimize technology use, and lay a foundation for future advancements in support of the Department’s operational goals.


The key objectives of the Technology Strategic Plan include:

  • Conducting a detailed assessment of the current state of the Department’s IT infrastructure.
  • Engaging with stakeholders across various bureaus within the Department to understand the unique technology and business process needs.
  • Developing a comprehensive IT Strategic Roadmap that outlines recommendations for improvement.
  • Delivering a final IT Strategic Report that includes actionable items designed to achieve the Department’s technological and operational goals.


Avèro’s approach to achieving these objectives is centered around thorough discovery, engagement, and strategic planning:

  1. Discovery Sessions

Avèro initiated the project with discovery sessions involving key stakeholders from each bureau within the Knoxville Police Department. These sessions were designed to gather in-depth insights into the current technology landscape and identify both strengths and areas in need of enhancement.

  1. Assessment of IT Infrastructure

Through the information gathered during the discovery sessions, Avèro’s Project Team is conducting a comprehensive assessment of the Department’s IT infrastructure. This assessment covers hardware, software, and network components to pinpoint inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and opportunities for technological advancements.

  1. Development of IT Strategic Roadmap

Leveraging the findings from the discovery and assessment phases, Avèro is in the process of developing an IT Strategic Roadmap. This roadmap will highlight key recommendations for improving the Department’s IT infrastructure and processes, aligned with the Department’s long-term operational goals.

  1. Delivery of IT Strategic Report

The culmination of Avèro’s work will be the delivery of an IT Strategic Report to the Knoxville Police Department. This report will not only summarize the findings and recommendations but also include a list of actionable items. These items are designed to guide the Department in implementing the recommended strategies, enhancing its technological capabilities, and achieving greater operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Current Status and Outlook

The project is currently in the strategic development phase, with Avèro working closely with the Knoxville Police Department to finalize the IT Strategic Roadmap. Upon completion, the IT Strategic Report will serve as a blueprint for the Department’s technology initiatives, ensuring that its IT infrastructure is robust, secure, and capable of supporting its mission-critical operations both now and in the future.

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