The City of Charlottesville, Virginia, embarked on an ambitious initiative to overhaul its enterprise land management and asset management systems. Recognizing the complexity of this undertaking, the City partnered with Avèro to leverage its expertise in business process mapping, system selection, and implementation services. This project aimed to address existing inefficiencies and modernize the City’s approach to managing its critical infrastructure and land resources.


The project was designed to achieve several key objectives:

  • Develop detailed business process maps to identify and address inefficiencies in current workflows within various City departments.
  • Provide expert system selection services to identify the most suitable enterprise land management and asset management systems based on the City’s unique needs.
  • Ensure the chosen systems meet the technical, functional, and security requirements of the City’s operations.


Avèro’s approach to the project involved a comprehensive and collaborative methodology:

  1. Business Process Mapping

The first phase focused on developing business process maps for the Neighborhood Development Services (NDS), Parks & Recreation (P&R), Public Works, and Utilities departments. This step was crucial for identifying issues within existing workflows and interactions with current enterprise systems.

  1. System Requirements Development

Working closely with stakeholders from NDS, P&R, and Public Works, Avèro developed a comprehensive list of system requirements. These requirements spanned across technical, functional, and security aspects, ensuring the forthcoming systems would comprehensively address the City’s needs. Key functional areas covered included Asset Management, Geographic Information System (GIS), Integrations, Inventory, Mobility, Reporting, Security, and Work Orders.

  1. RFP Development and Vendor Evaluation

With the system requirements in hand, Avèro assisted the City in developing a Request for Proposal (RFP) and conducting a thorough evaluation of vendors. This process was aimed at identifying the most suitable vendors capable of meeting the City’s specific requirements for both the Enterprise Asset Management system and the Enterprise Land Management system.

Outcome and Challenges

Despite the detailed groundwork and comprehensive evaluation process, the City of Charlottesville faced internal issues that ultimately prevented the awarding of a contract to any vendor. This turn of events highlights the complexity and challenges inherent in large-scale IT projects within public sector entities. Nonetheless, the efforts invested in this project provided valuable insights into the City’s operational needs and established a foundation for future initiatives. The collaboration with Avèro helped the City of Charlottesville to better understand its requirements and prepared it for eventual implementation when circumstances allow.

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