The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) in Arizona initiated a project to upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to enhance operational efficiency and data management capabilities. Avèro was chosen to lead this critical project due to its expertise in project management and ERP implementations. The project encompasses a thorough review of MAG’s existing ERP workflows, processes, and integrations, followed by the development of optimized future-state workflows and the selection and implementation of a new ERP system.


The project is focused on achieving several key objectives:

  • Review and analyze the current state of MAG’s ERP system, including workflows, processes, functional components, related applications, and integrations.
  • Develop Business Process Modeling & Notation (BPMN) diagrams to visualize optimized future-state workflows across MAG’s departments.
  • Create data flow maps for the Fiscal Services Division to outline critical processes and their interconnections.
  • Assist MAG in selecting a new ERP system that aligns with the organization’s needs and future goals.
  • Provide comprehensive project management services throughout the ERP system implementation to ensure a smooth transition and operational continuity.


Avèro’s approach to facilitating this ERP implementation project involves multiple phases:

  1. Current State Review

The project began with a detailed review of the existing ERP system at MAG. This phase involved analyzing current workflows, processes, functional components, integrations, and system touchpoints to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

  1. Future-State Workflow Development

Utilizing insights gained from the current state review, Avèro’s Project Team developed BPMN diagrams for future-state workflows. These diagrams serve as a blueprint for the optimized processes that will be implemented with the new ERP system, ensuring that business operations across MAG’s departments are streamlined and efficient.

  1. Data Flow Mapping

For the Fiscal Services Division, Avèro created detailed data flow maps. These maps illustrate how critical processes within the division interact to complete essential functions and reporting, providing a clear visualization of the data journey and interdependencies within the organization.

  1. ERP System Selection

Working collaboratively with MAG’s team, Avèro is playing a crucial role in the selection process of a new ERP system. This involves evaluating various ERP solutions to identify one that best meets the unique needs and future objectives of MAG.

  1. Implementation Project Management

Once a new ERP system is selected, Avèro will provide key project management services during its implementation. This includes overseeing system configuration, integration, testing, and training activities to ensure a successful rollout and adoption by MAG staff.

Current Status and Outlook

As the project progresses, Avèro’s dedicated management and strategic planning continue to drive forward the ERP system upgrade at MAG. The future-state workflows and data flow maps developed will serve as foundational resources for the selection and implementation of the new ERP system. Avèro’s expertise in project management and ERP implementations is pivotal in guiding MAG through this transformative project, aiming to significantly improve the organization’s operational capabilities and efficiency.

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