Mendocino County, California, recognizing the need for a robust system to regulate its burgeoning cannabis industry, embarked on a project to implement Accela’s Civic Application for Cannabis Regulation. The County sought the expertise of Avèro for project management support to ensure the successful implementation of this critical system. This engagement focuses on coordinating project efforts, meeting deadlines, system setup, configuration, legacy data conversion, and ultimately, the development of business process maps to guide County users.


The project is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Implement Accela’s Civic Application to streamline and enhance cannabis regulation within the County.
  • Ensure clear communication of project goals and objectives among all stakeholders.
  • Provide effective scheduling and leadership for team meetings and project updates.
  • Assist with system setup and configuration tailored to the County’s specific regulatory needs.
  • Manage the conversion of legacy data to the new system, ensuring no loss of vital historical information.
  • Define business rules for key core processes within the cannabis regulation framework.
  • Facilitate thorough system testing, reporting any issues or bugs encountered for timely resolution.


Avèro’s approach to the project encompasses several key activities:

  1. Project Coordination

Avèro is actively coordinating project goals and objectives among stakeholders, ensuring all parties are aligned and informed throughout the project lifecycle.

  1. Team Meeting Leadership

The project team leads regular meetings, provides updates, and maintains a rigorous schedule to keep the project on track and stakeholders engaged.

  1. System Setup and Configuration

Avèro is aiding in the system setup, focusing on configuring Accela’s Civic Application to meet Mendocino County’s unique cannabis regulation requirements. This includes assisting with the development of “Backlog Stories” that are crucial for the system’s configuration.

  1. Legacy Data Conversion and Business Rules Definition

The team is overseeing the conversion of legacy data into the new system, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Concurrently, business rules for core processes are being defined to guide the system’s operation.

  1. System Testing and Issue Reporting

During system testing, Avèro works alongside the County’s team to identify, document, and report any issues or bugs, facilitating swift resolutions to maintain project momentum.

  1. Business Process Mapping

Upon successful implementation, Avèro will develop comprehensive business process maps. These maps will serve as a detailed user guide for the County, ensuring that staff can effectively utilize the new system.

Current Status and Outlook

The project is currently in the midst of system setup, configuration, and testing phases. With Avèro’s project management expertise, Mendocino County is well on its way to implementing a state-of-the-art system for cannabis regulation. This system is expected to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the County’s regulatory processes, providing a robust framework for overseeing cannabis operations. The successful completion of this project will not only benefit Mendocino County but also serve as a model for cannabis regulation for other jurisdictions.

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