The City of Niagara Falls, New York, embarked on an ambitious initiative to enhance its IT infrastructure and services to better meet the needs of its residents and internal operations. To achieve these goals, the City engaged Avèro for IT improvement consulting services. This comprehensive project covers various critical aspects of the City’s IT environment, including firewall implementation, network diagramming, ERP system replacement, Active Directory cleanup, website redevelopment, and the implementation of Office 365.


The project aimed to:

  • Implement new firewall solutions to enhance the City’s network security.
  • Develop current-state and future-state network diagrams to assess existing network limitations and plan for necessary improvements.
  • Support the City in replacing its outdated ERP system (AS400) with a more modern solution.
  • Conduct a cleanup of the City’s Active Directory to improve system efficiency and user management.
  • Assist with the development and execution of a new City website to improve public access to information and services.
  • Implement Office 365 across City departments to enhance productivity and collaboration.


Avèro’s approach to this multi-faceted project involved several key activities:

  1. Firewall Implementation

Avèro led the effort to implement new firewalls, enhancing the City’s network security and protecting sensitive data against external threats.

  1. Network Diagramming

The team created detailed current-state and future-state network diagrams. This effort provided a clear visualization of the existing network infrastructure, identified limitations, and outlined a roadmap for future network enhancements.

  1. ERP System Replacement

Avèro is supporting the City in the crucial process of selecting and implementing a new ERP system to replace the outdated AS400 system. This involves assessing system requirements, assisting with vendor selection, and guiding the City through the implementation process.

  1. Active Directory Cleanup

The cleanup of the City’s Active Directory is aimed at streamlining user account management, improving system security, and ensuring efficient access to network resources.

  1. New City Website

Avèro is assisting the City in the development and execution of a new website, focusing on user experience, accessibility, and the provision of up-to-date information to residents and visitors.

  1. Office 365 Implementation

The implementation of Office 365 across City departments is intended to boost productivity, facilitate collaboration, and provide a suite of modern, cloud-based tools to City employees.

Current Status and Outlook

The IT improvement project is ongoing, with Avèro continuously working alongside the City of Niagara Falls to implement these key initiatives. Each component of the project is designed to address specific needs within the City’s IT environment, contributing to an overall enhancement in security, efficiency, and service delivery. As the project progresses, the City of Niagara Falls looks forward to realizing the benefits of these improvements, positioning itself as a more responsive, efficient, and technologically advanced municipality.

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