Nevada Rural Housing sought to enhance the utilization and efficiency of its Voucher Management System (VMS) within Yardi. Avèro was contracted to perform a comprehensive analysis of how NRH employs its VMS, aiming to identify gaps in current usage and develop strategies for improvement. This involved a detailed current-state discovery process, assessment, and the creation of a strategic report outlining recommendations for more effective system use.


The project was designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the current state of NRH’s utilization of Yardi’s VMS.
  • Identify any gaps or inefficiencies in how the VMS is being used.
  • Develop strategic recommendations to address discovered gaps and enhance VMS utilization.
  • Provide NRH with actionable insights and a clear path forward for implementing improvements.


Avèro’s approach to the project included several key phases:

  1. Current-State Discovery

Avèro conducted thorough interviews and analyses to understand how NRH staff interact with Yardi’s VMS. This discovery phase was crucial in identifying existing workflows, user experiences, and any challenges faced by the users.

  1. Current-State Assessment

Following the discovery process, Avèro compiled a Current-State Assessment report. This document summarized the findings, highlighting how the VMS is currently used and pinpointing areas where processes could be optimized.

  1. Discovery & Strategy Development Report

Building on the Current-State Assessment, Avèro developed a Discovery & Strategy Development Report for NRH. This comprehensive document not only detailed the assessment findings but also included strategic recommendations for closing the identified gaps. The recommendations aimed at enabling NRH to leverage its VMS more effectively and efficiently.

  1. Strategic Implementation Planning

Avèro is currently collaborating with NRH to determine the best next steps for implementing the recommended strategies. This phase involves prioritizing actions based on their potential impact, feasibility, and alignment with NRH’s operational goals.

Current Status and Outlook

The project is in the phase of strategic implementation planning, with Avèro and NRH working together to outline a practical approach for adopting the recommended improvements. The aim is to ensure that NRH can fully capitalize on its VMS capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and service delivery in its housing voucher program. Through this collaborative effort, NRH is poised to make significant strides in optimizing its VMS usage, thereby better serving its community and stakeholders.

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