In mid-2019, the City of Macedonia retained the consulting services of Avèro Advisors for the development of a comprehensive IT Modernization Plan (ITMP) that led the city to move forward with prioritized recommendations for IT investment over the next three years.

The Avèro team has conducted various analyses (e.g., discovery and visioning interview sessions, business processes analysis, gap analysis) with industry best practices and benchmarking data for local governments of a similar scale.

Avèro utilized the critical findings from preceding analyses to identify areas for improvement and development and prioritized strategic recommendations to mitigate gaps and ensure alignment with the city’s mission, vision, industry IT standards, innovations and identified best practices.

Avèro developed an ITMP report that included actionable strategies for the City of Macedonia over the next three years (2019 – 2022). This ITMP detailed the prioritized recommendations for implementation (e.g., required resources, estimated costs, and anticipated impact) to guide the city’s efforts for future IT investments.

Below are some of the highlights from the ITMP provided to City of Macedonia as well as strategies to mitigate the gaps within its IT environment:

Recruiting IT Departmental Leadership

The lack of a management position in the IT department resulted in a lack of leadership, strategy formulation, and execution of the city’s vision for its IT efforts. Avèro’s team recommended the city develop a job description and conduct a recruitment process to hire an IT Director as one of the immediate strategies within the ITMP.

Implementing a New Enterprise Land Management (ELM) System

The lack of an optimized ELM system leads to inefficiency in carrying out the city’s building related tasks, such as permitting, licensing, and conducting inspections. Moreover, the building department’s current system ICES does not function properly and often crashes and freezes while the staff is carrying out their functions.

Avèro will work collaboratively with the city’s building and service departments to document and analyze the current state of business processes for identifying any gaps and risks associated with the current technology and service delivery-related applications/systems. The key findings will allow Avèro to develop optimized business processes for the desired state based upon industry best-demonstrated practices.

Once the modernized business processes are validated and approved, Avèro will develop a comprehensive list of system requirements in terms of functional, technical, and security, as well as create and release a request for proposal (RFP) to solicit responses for the future ELM software.

Avèro will work with the city through the vendor evaluation as well as the selection and serves as the project manager for the ELM implementation to ensure that the city achieves a successful system roll-out on time and within budget.

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