Marion County Housing Authority (MCHA) engaged Avèro to conduct a comprehensive analysis of its financial policies, procedures, and the utilization of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Yardi Voyager. The objective is to enhance the finance department’s operational efficiency, standardize processes, and leverage Yardi Voyager more effectively. Avèro’s role encompasses evaluating MCHA’s financial operations, providing targeted training and advice on Yardi Voyager, and mapping out current-state processes to identify and recommend improvements.


The project is aimed at achieving several key objectives:

  • Analyze MCHA’s current financial policies and procedures to identify areas for improvement.
  • Train and advise MCHA’s finance department on optimizing their use of Yardi Voyager.
  • Map current-state processes for the Finance and Housing Operations departments, including critical Yardi Voyager processes.
  • Develop strategic recommendations to improve operations, standardize processes, mitigate risks, and enhance overall efficiency.


Avèro’s approach to this project involves several strategic activities:

  1. Financial Policies and Procedures Analysis

Conducting a thorough review of MCHA’s existing financial policies and procedures to identify gaps, inefficiencies, or areas that may benefit from modernization or revision.

  1. ERP System Training and Advice

Providing specialized training and advisory services to the finance department staff on utilizing Yardi Voyager to its full potential, including best practices for financial management within the housing authority context.

  1. Process Mapping

Mapping out the current-state processes for critical operations within the Finance and Housing Operations departments. This includes detailed process flows for tasks such as invoice creation, reversing receipts, month-end reconciliation, delinquency notices, tenant recertification, and various Section 8 procedures.

  1. Recommendation Development

Based on the insights gained from the analysis and process mapping, developing a set of actionable recommendations aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing system utilization, and improving financial management practices.

Current Status and Outlook

Avèro is actively engaged with MCHA in mapping additional processes and developing recommendations to support operational improvements. This ongoing work is crucial for enabling MCHA to standardize its processes, effectively mitigate risks, and achieve greater operational efficiency through optimized use of Yardi Voyager. The collaboration between Avèro and MCHA is set to yield significant benefits, enhancing the Housing Authority’s capacity to serve its community more effectively.


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