The City of Altus, Oklahoma, recognizing the critical role of efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in modern municipal operations, engaged Avèro to conduct a focused ERP Needs Assessment. This assessment, centered on the Finance and Human Resources (HR) departments, aimed to scrutinize the current utilization of the Tyler Incode system and to identify areas for improvement.


The primary objective of this assessment was to provide a detailed analysis of the current-state interactions between Finance and HR department users with the Tyler Incode ERP system. The goal was to uncover inefficiencies, unmet needs, and opportunities for optimization to enhance the overall effectiveness of the ERP system in supporting the City’s operations.


Avèro adopted a comprehensive approach to the ERP Needs Assessment, which included several key phases:

  1. Current-State Discovery

The project commenced with an in-depth current-state discovery phase. This involved detailed discussions and analyses to understand how users within the Finance and HR departments interact with the Tyler Incode system. By examining these interactions, the team aimed to identify any pain points, bottlenecks, or inefficiencies in the current system usage.

  1. ERP Needs Assessment Report

Following the discovery phase, Avèro compiled the ERP Needs Assessment Report. This report not only summarized the findings from the initial assessment but also provided strategic recommendations for improvement. These recommendations were designed to address the gaps identified during the assessment and to outline how the City could enhance its use of the ERP system for more efficient and effective operations.

  1. Strategic Recommendations and Next Steps

The ERP Needs Assessment Report included actionable strategic recommendations for the City. These suggestions aimed to close the discovered gaps and improve the overall utilization of the ERP system. The recommendations covered a range of areas, including potential process improvements, system enhancements, and user training needs.

Current Status and Outlook

As of now, Avèro is actively working with the City of Altus to review the findings and recommendations detailed in the ERP Needs Assessment Report. Together, we are determining the most appropriate next steps to take, considering both the immediate and long-term needs of the City. This collaborative effort is focused on ensuring that the City of Altus can make informed decisions to optimize its ERP system, ultimately leading to more efficient Finance and HR operations and improved service delivery to its residents.

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