The City of Piqua, Ohio, recognizing the need to modernize its IT infrastructure and systems, engaged Avèro to perform a comprehensive IT Assessment and develop an Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP). This initiative is aimed at aligning the City’s IT environment with its future goals, enhancing cybersecurity, improving network infrastructure, and updating enterprise software systems. A critical component of this project is assisting the City with the replacement of its outdated ERP software, Springbrook, to better support City operations.


The primary objectives of this project are to:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the City’s current-state IT environment.
  • Identify and analyze cybersecurity protocols, network infrastructure, and enterprise software systems.
  • Facilitate visioning sessions with City stakeholders to understand future technology utilization goals.
  • Perform a gap analysis to identify discrepancies between the current and desired future states of the City’s IT program.
  • Develop and prioritize IT modernization strategies.
  • Prepare and present an ITSP Report outlining strategic recommendations.
  • Assist the City in replacing its current ERP software with a modern, efficient system.


Avèro’s comprehensive approach to achieving these objectives includes several key phases:

  1. IT Environment Assessment

Initial steps involved conducting interviews with key internal stakeholders to understand the current state of cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and enterprise software systems. This assessment provided a baseline for identifying areas needing improvement.

  1. Visioning Sessions

Avèro conducted visioning sessions with City stakeholders to explore how the City aims to leverage modern technologies to drive organizational progress in the coming years. These discussions were crucial for aligning the ITSP with the City’s long-term goals.

  1. Gap Analysis

Following data collection, a gap analysis was performed to pinpoint emergent gaps between the City’s current IT environment and the optimized future state. This analysis informed the development of targeted modernization strategies.

  1. ITSP Development and Presentation

Based on the insights gained from the assessment and analysis phases, Avèro developed and prioritized IT modernization strategies. These were then compiled into an ITSP Report, which was presented to the City, providing a clear roadmap for IT improvements.

  1. ERP Software Replacement Assistance

With the ITSP in place, Avèro is now assisting the City with the critical task of replacing its outdated ERP software, Springbrook. This involves evaluating potential new ERP systems, guiding the selection process, and supporting the implementation of the chosen solution to ensure it meets the City’s operational needs.

Current Status and Outlook

The project is currently in the phase of assisting the City with its ERP software replacement, building on the strategic foundation laid by the IT Assessment and ITSP. Through Avèro’s guidance, the City of Piqua is making significant strides towards modernizing its IT infrastructure and systems. The successful completion of this project will enhance the City’s ability to serve its community efficiently, leveraging technology to meet its strategic objectives and operational demands.

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