The Knoxville Police Department, seeking to enhance its operational effectiveness and data management capabilities, embarked on a project to replace its existing Records Management System (RMS), Watson. For this crucial task, the Department selected Avèro, known for its expertise in technology assessment, vendor selection, and project management for IT implementations. The goal of this project is to select and implement a new RMS that better meets the evolving needs of the Department.


The objectives of the RMS Selection & Implementation project include:

  • Conducting a thorough assessment of the current RMS to identify limitations and areas for improvement.
  • Determining the critical functional requirements for a new RMS based on the Department’s unique operational needs.
  • Assisting in the selection of a suitable vendor through a detailed evaluation and contracting process.
  • Providing comprehensive project management services for the implementation of the new RMS, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal operational disruption.


Avèro’s approach to achieving these objectives involves several key phases:

  1. Discovery and Assessment

The project began with discovery sessions involving key stakeholders from each bureau within the Department. These sessions were aimed at gaining a deep understanding of the Department’s business processes, the limitations of the current RMS, and the specific functional requirements for its replacement.

  1. Functional Requirements Determination

Based on insights gained during the discovery phase, Avèro’s Project Team is working to define the precise functional requirements for the new RMS. This step is critical in ensuring that the selected system will adequately support the Department’s operations and future growth.

  1. Vendor Selection and Contracting

Avèro is currently assisting the Knoxville Police Department in the vendor selection process. This involves evaluating potential RMS solutions against the determined functional requirements, facilitating vendor demonstrations, and conducting a comprehensive analysis to recommend the most suitable option. Subsequent contracting with the chosen vendor will be guided by Avèro’s expertise to ensure favorable terms and conditions for the Department.

  1. Implementation Project Management

Upon selecting a vendor, Avèro will provide end-to-end project management services for the implementation of the new RMS. This includes overseeing system configuration, integration, testing, and training activities to ensure a successful deployment and adoption by the Department.

Current Status and Outlook

The project is currently in the vendor selection and contracting phase, with implementation planning underway. Avèro’s meticulous approach and partnership with the Knoxville Police Department aim to ensure that the new RMS not only meets the current operational requirements but also positions the Department for future technological advancements and challenges. The successful completion of this project will significantly enhance the Department’s records management capabilities, supporting its mission to serve and protect the community effectively.

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