In mid-2018, the City of Alcoa partnered with Avèro Advisors for the development of a comprehensive IT Strategic Plan (ITSP) to promote the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the city’s operations for the next five years. The Avèro team helped identify improvement areas and prioritize the strategic recommendations to mitigate the gaps based on the critical findings from preceding analyses. The ITSP covered assessments of IT organizational and operational areas from departments/functional groups at the city.

Based upon industry best practices, institutional knowledge, and input from the city, Avèro developed an ITSP report that included an Action Plan for implementation, resources required, stakeholders affected, estimated costs, and the anticipated impact for the City of Alcoa for the next three to five years.

Below are some highlights that Avèro’s team identified and provided to the City of Alcoa:

Updated IT policies and procedures

Failure to maintain relevant IT policies and procedures placed the city in a position of vulnerability as it related to enforcement and expenditures on inappropriate use of IT infrastructure. Avèro recommended the city define policies and establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to uniform the standardized process.

The standardization approach would include, but not be limited to, computer usage, remote access, internet access, IT equipment procurement, and many other IT-related activities. The developed formal policies and procedures would guide the City of Alcoa in maintaining and updating artifacts for future enterprise system implementations.

Adopted regional fiber network management standards and protocols

Alcoa’s existing fiber network is a tremendous asset, shared by the municipalities that now include AMR from Knox County. And as such, it requires nearly constant attention, timely repair, and needs of enterprise security strategy. Avèro proposed a Business Resilience Planning strategy based upon the current-accepted industry best practices and IT network infrastructure standards to replace the city’s Disaster Recovery Planning.

Avèro also suggested that Alcoa collaborate with neighboring governments to complete and maintain the existing fiber backbone with the utilization of 10G Network. This partnership would enable enhanced connectivity and functionality in intelligent systems, provide fast, reliable connectivity options for critical City utility infrastructure, and offer interconnection for data and service sharing as well as security between Alcoa and other local government agencies.

Established an IT help desk (including Ticket Management System)

Lack of formal process to report technical issues prevented the city’s IT staff from determining current service levels and anticipating future staffing needs.

Avèro recommended establishing a formal IT Help Desk process by implementing a Ticket Management System to standardize and help the city improve efficiency in tracking IT problems and service levels. The detailed action steps for this recommendation would act as a guideline to achieve success and help the city enhance its staffing and service levels and technology budgeting.

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