The City of Knoxville, Tennessee, initiated a project to assess and enhance its permitting application intake process. Recognizing the importance of streamlining this critical function for both operational efficiency and user satisfaction, the City engaged Avèro. This project aimed to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for technological enhancement within the current process, with a special focus on improving the end-user experience.


The primary objectives of this assessment included:

  • Conducting thorough discovery sessions with City staff across various departments and end users to understand the current permitting process’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Developing a detailed report that outlines findings, identifies gaps, and recommends strategies for process improvement.
  • Creating a roadmap for the City of Knoxville to implement these strategies, detailing operational and technical adjustments needed, resources required, and anticipated impacts on stakeholders.


Avèro’s approach to the project encompassed several key activities:

  1. Discovery Sessions

The project began with comprehensive discovery sessions involving City staff and end users of the permitting process. These sessions aimed to gather insights into the current process’s functionality, user interactions, and areas perceived as problematic or inefficient.

  1. Comprehensive Reporting

Following the discovery phase, Avèro compiled a comprehensive report summarizing the findings. This report included an in-depth analysis of the current state of the permitting process, highlighting areas for improvement and opportunities for technological advancements.

  1. Roadmap Development

The report also introduced a detailed roadmap of strategies designed to enhance the permitting process. For each recommended strategy, the report outlined:

  • The specific operational or technical gaps addressed.
  • Actionable next steps for implementation.
  • The resources required for execution.
  • The stakeholders affected by the changes.
  • Estimates for both the cost and time associated with implementing the recommendations.

Current Status and Outlook

Avèro is currently collaborating with the City of Knoxville to begin executing the recommended strategies outlined in the report. This partnership aims to transform the permitting process into a more efficient, user-friendly experience, ultimately benefiting both City staff and the community at large. The implementation of these strategies will involve continuous engagement with stakeholders, careful planning, and diligent execution to ensure the project’s goals are fully realized, enhancing the City’s service delivery and operational efficiency.

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