Knox County, Tennessee, identified a need to replace the Community Development Department’s software for managing its Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP). The goal was to transition from the legacy system provided by Unqork to a new, more efficient system, Neighborly. Avèro was contracted to manage this critical software replacement project, focusing on data conversion, system transition, and ensuring a seamless process for all stakeholders involved.


The main objectives of this project were to:

  • Facilitate the data conversion process from Unqork to Neighborly, ensuring data integrity and compatibility.
  • Support Knox County’s Community Development Department in the major transition to the Neighborly system.
  • Validate the successful import of data into Neighborly, ensuring Knox County’s Case Managers have the necessary information to manage new and active ERAP cases.
  • Guarantee a seamless transition for ERAP tenants and landlords, minimizing disruptions and maintaining continuous support.


Avèro’s approach to achieving these objectives included several critical activities:

  1. Data Conversion and Validation

Avèro collaborated with Knox County and the legacy vendor, Unqork, to convert existing ERAP data into a format compatible with the Neighborly system. This involved detailed planning and execution to ensure that all necessary data was accurately transferred and that the integrity of the data was maintained throughout the process.

  1. System Transition Support

Avèro provided comprehensive support to the Community Development Department during the transition to Neighborly. This included overseeing the technical aspects of the transition, facilitating communication between Knox County and both the legacy and new system vendors, and addressing any challenges that arose during the transition.

  1. Validation and Import Success

A critical component of Avèro’s responsibilities was to validate the data once it had been imported into Neighborly. This validation process ensured that all data was correctly transferred and that the new system contained all the necessary information for Case Managers to effectively manage ERAP cases.

  1. Seamless Transition for Stakeholders

Avèro ensured that the transition to the new system was seamless for all stakeholders, including ERAP tenants and landlords. This involved coordinating with the County to communicate changes effectively, providing training or resources as needed, and ensuring that the new system met the needs of all users.


The project resulted in a successful transition of Knox County’s ERAP software from Unqork to Neighborly, meeting the County’s objectives for a more efficient system to manage emergency rental assistance cases. Through meticulous planning, data conversion, and system validation, Avèro ensured the integrity of the transition process, allowing Knox County’s Case Managers to continue their work with minimal interruption. The seamless transition for ERAP tenants and landlords further underscored the project’s success, demonstrating Avèro’s commitment to supporting Knox County in enhancing its service delivery through improved technological solutions.

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