AV is a certified Project Management Professional with extensive experience leading IT and organizational changes. He has helped his clients achieve significant efficiencies through strategic planning, business process redesigns ERP selection project management & implementation as well general advisory services when dealing with substantial technological transitions over the years.

AV’s background in accounting and finance, coupled with his innate ability to innovate and think outside the box, provides tremendous value to local governments across the USA. Because of his unique skillset, AV is able to develop creative solutions to complex problems that often stymie government operations. As a result, AV has helped countless municipalities save millions of dollars and improve efficiencies. In addition, AV’s insights have often led to the development of new policies and procedures that have had a positive impact on the communities he has served. Simply put, AV’s combination of experience and creativity is unmatched in the world of municipal finance, and local governments across the USA are better off because of it.