The City of Dixon was operating on an outdated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system from Springbrook. This created inefficiencies, data management challenges, and limited their ability to provide the best possible services to their residents.

The Solution:

The City of Dixon partnered with Avèro to:

  • Project Management Expertise: Avèro provided a dedicated project team to oversee the complex transition to Tyler Technologies’ ERP system.
  • System Configuration & Integration: Avèro ensured the new EnerGov, Executime, Incode (with Utilities Pro), and Parks & Rec modules were configured smoothly and integrated seamlessly with existing systems.
  • Rigorous Testing: Avèro facilitated system testing, user acceptance testing, and end-user testing, guaranteeing the new ERP’s stability and addressing any issues before launch.
  • Go-Live & Post Go-Live Support: Avèro provided crucial support during the go-live period and continued post-implementation assistance for smooth adoption.
  • Collaborative Approach: Avèro’s team worked closely with City of Dixon staff and Tyler Technologies personnel to ensure alignment and address challenges throughout the process.

The Results (In Progress):

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The City of Dixon is already experiencing improvements in workflow and streamlined processes with the new ERP. (If possible, add 1-2 specific examples once they emerge).
  • Improved Data Management: The Tyler Technologies system offers better data organization and reporting capabilities.
  • Increased Resident Satisfaction: (This will become measurable over time) The City anticipates improved service delivery due to greater efficiency within their systems.
Dixon, CA

I am so glad that we selected Avero as our project managers. The ERP implementation process is always difficult but having Avero handling the project management freed up City staff to focus on implementation tasks. We have really appreciated our project management team and will miss them when our project is complete.

Kate Zawadzki

Chief Financial Officer

City of Dixon, CA

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