Since August 2018, Avèro Advisors has consulted the City of Charlottesville on Business Process Mapping and System Selection Service. Throughout the project, Avèro’s team helped identify issues with the city’s existing business process workflows as well as interactions with current enterprise systems and provide modernized resolutions to meet the city’s business needs.

Avèro has utilized our industry best practices, institutional knowledge, and expertise in business process redesign to optimize IT processes and procedures for the following city departments:

  • Neighborhood Development Services (NDS)
  • Public Works
  • Parks & Recreation (P&R)
  • Utilities

The following highlights represent some of Avèro Advisors’ achievements while working with the City of Charlottesville, Virginia:

Optimize business processes and procedures

Avèro utilized a three-dimensional PPT (People, Process, and Technology) approach to document and analyze the current state of operations, across all key business processes of Charlottesville’s NDS, Public Works, and P&R departments. Avèro is currently in the planning phase with the Utilities department.

The Avèro project team then applied industry best practices, complemented by institutional knowledge, to strategically redesign those critical business processes to optimize overall operations and improve service delivery. Avèro conducted various review sessions with city management and key staff to validate these modernized business processes, which will subsequently act as a foundation upon the development of system requirements for the potential enterprise system procurement.

Procurement and Implementation of Enterprise Software Systems

Avèro collaborated with stakeholders from the NDS, Public Works, and P&R departments to develop a comprehensive list of system requirements in terms of technical, functional, and security aspects of the forthcoming enterprise software systems, including Enterprise Land Management (ELM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

In early 2020, Avèro wrapped up the process of finalizing an RFP for the Enterprise Land Management procurement and currently supports the City through the system selection, contract negotiation, and implementation phase for the optimal cloud-based enterprise software system.

Charlottesville, Virginia

“We are in year two of a five-year project. Our experience has been very positive. Avèro performed at the highest level of satisfaction from the department directors and myself, as Deputy City Manager of Operations. Avèro is collaborative, engaged, and able to break the status quo of typical governance. Charlottesville’s Avèro team broke down decades of silos and secrecy to elicit important information out of long-tenured employees. This was critical to the success of process redesign and automation.”

Paul Oberdorfer

Ex-Deputy City Manager

City of Charlottesville

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