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We Are

Since our founding in 2016, Avèro Advisors has established itself as a premier provider of strategic advisory services to public sector organizations nationwide. Our team of independent advisors combines deep experience in technology and design thinking to help our clients build smarter communities and unlock the full potential of both their staff and fiscal resources through strategic planning, optimization, modernization, and digital transformation of business processes.

Our mission is to empower municipalities by providing strategic consulting services that drive efficiency, security, and innovation. Unlike other firms, we do not resell products or develop software; instead, we serve as trusted advisors, helping our clients navigate the complexities of modern technology. Our approach ensures that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely, enhancing operational efficiency and improving public services.

At Avèro Advisors, we embrace cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, to deliver forward-thinking solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. By integrating AI and other advanced technologies, we help public sector organizations improve decision-making, streamline processes, and enhance service delivery.

Our Plan for Your

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At Avèro, we take a comprehensive evaluation of the needs of leadership and provide strategic advisory services that help build intelligent organizations and optimized operations. We incorporate methods that address urgent, time-dependent needs while formulating long-term strategies that achieve service excellence.

We believe in establishing lasting, trust-based relationships that best display our commitment to our clients in getting the job done, and done right. We dedicate time to get familiar with current strategies to best determine how to modernize them. Rather than bulldozing previous efforts, we understand how much more effective developing a collaborative environment with current teams can be in supporting modernization efforts.

Our Story

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Avèro Advisors was founded in 2016 by Abhijit Verekar with a vision to lead the digital transformation and ERP consulting for public sector organizations across the United States. What began as a one-person venture has rapidly evolved into a dynamic team of experts dedicated to revolutionizing how local governments manage their systems and processes.

With a strong commitment to excellence and a proven track record, Avèro Advisors has been recognized for three consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to reengineer business processes, source the best software solutions, and plan for future technological advancements, ensuring our clients are well-equipped for the challenges of the digital age.

At Avèro Advisors, we believe that technology has the power to build smarter communities and enrich lives. Our story is one of innovation, growth, and an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the public sector.


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Our Team Dynamic at Avèro: We pride ourselves on a team that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and passion for service. We believe in the power of diversity, with each member bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table, united by our shared commitment to our clients. Our dynamic fosters creativity, problem-solving, and mutual respect, making Avèro not just a place to work, but a space for continuous growth and meaningful impact.

  • Abhijit “AV” Verekar
    Founder & CEO
  • April Romines
    Vice President - Talent & Operations
  • Robert Kornovich
    Vice President - Client Success
  • Andrew Hayes
    Director - Client Success
  • Katie Connatser
    Director - Talent & Operations
  • Megan Seaton
    Director - Business Development
  • Arron Tschida
    Director - Client Success
  • Amy Vetere
    Director - Client Success
  • Mike Cole
    Director - Client Success

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Deep experience in technology and design thinking to bring peace of mind to the public sector.

We help local governments identify the best way to use internal resources and where to invest in new technology and infrastructure.

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Avèro Advisors combines science, strategy, technology and design thinking to create handcrafted solutions specific to each problem and with the agility to confront them head-on. From automated billing systems to streamlined interfaces with the government, our experience and expert knowledge makes us the premier partner in modernization and digital transformation.

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