Expert Insights

  • The Evolution of IT Professional: From Basement to Business

    Today, we're exploring a topic that has undergone dramatic transformation over the years: the role of the IT professional.

    The old-school image of the IT guy working in isolation, hidden away in a basement, is a thing of the past. Let's explore how this role has evolved and what it means for the future of IT.

  • Celebrating Independence and Technology in Local Government

    When we imagine the Founding Fathers' vision of government, it's easy to picture historical documents, quill pens, and candlelit debates. However, translating their early ideas into the modern context of government technology offers an intriguing perspective on their foundational principles: transparency, accountability, and service to the citizenry. Let's explore how today's government technology reflects and enhances these time-honored values.

  • Top 10 Lessons from GFOA 2024: Future of Government Technology

    The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) 2024 conference was a treasure trove of insights for anyone involved in government technology. This year's event underscored the dynamic changes sweeping through the sector, from procurement frustrations to innovative solutions reshaping public service delivery. Here’s a look at the significant themes and lessons gleaned from the conference.

    Before we jump into our key learnings, let's discuss why finance officers in governments play a crucial role in digital transformation projects for several reasons:

  • Enhancing Emergency Response: What are Rescue Management Systems?

    What happens behind the scenes during an emergency? Whether it’s a natural disaster, a medical crisis, or a massive accident, the speed and coordination of rescue operations can save lives. This is where a Rescue Management System (RMS) comes into play. Let’s talk about what an RMS is, why it’s important, and how it benefits us all.

  • Empowering Governments: Understanding GovTech

    In an era dominated by technology, governments worldwide increasingly turn […]

  • 7 Steps to Success with Electronic Document Management

    To help you effectively develop a strategy to migrate to an electronic document management system, we recommend the following steps.

  • The Evolving Role of City Managers: Navigating Innovation in Local Government

    The job of a city manager, for the most part, goes unsung when talking about the scene of local government, but their impact is much greater than people tend to give them credit for.

  • Transformation Through Technology: Reaching Operational Sufficiency by Leveraging Tech

    How do you take a system inundated with outdated technology and bring it back to efficiency? You begin a transformation through technology, that’s how. 

  • How to Cut Through the Noise of Government IT

    Internally, the noise is always going to be there in government IT — every department has its say. How do you cut through the noise? 

  • Strategic City Management: Staying Innovative During Rapid Growth in Pearland, Texas

    The past two decades have been an era of hyper-growth for the City of Pearland, Texas. For city manager Clay Pearson, it’s just the right environment for his strategic and innovative mind to work.

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