Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) in Florida undertook a significant project to upgrade its Infor system, focusing on Financials and Human Capital Management. To ensure the success of this critical initiative, HCPS partnered with Avèro and Third Stage Consulting Group, securing the expertise of a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) to establish and manage the Program Management Office for the upgrade project. The scope encompasses guiding HCPS through various phases of the upgrade process, including Intelligent Process Automation configuration, system testing, data conversion, documentation, and end-user training, culminating in a successful Go-Live and post-Go-Live support for system optimization.


The project aimed to achieve several key objectives:

  • Upgrade the Infor system focusing on Financials and Human Capital Management to enhance operational efficiency and functionality.
  • Implement Intelligent Process Automation to streamline workflows and improve process efficiency.
  • Conduct comprehensive system testing to ensure the upgraded system meets HCPS’s functional requirements.
  • Manage data conversion efforts to ensure accurate and seamless migration to the new system.
  • Develop and provide end-user training to ensure smooth adoption and utilization of the upgraded system.
  • Offer post-Go-Live support, including system optimization, to address any issues and maximize the system’s effectiveness.


Avèro and Third Stage Consulting Group’s approach included several critical phases:

  1. Program Management Office Establishment

A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) was assigned to establish the Program Management Office, serving as the project’s central coordination point and ensuring alignment with HCPS’s strategic objectives.

  1. Intelligent Process Automation Configuration

Guided HCPS through the configuration of Intelligent Process Automation within the Infor system, aiming to automate and optimize key financial and HR processes.

  1. System Testing and Data Conversion

Managed comprehensive system testing phases to identify and address any issues before Go-Live. Oversaw data conversion efforts to ensure accurate and efficient migration of existing data to the new system.

  1. Documentation and End-User Training

Developed thorough documentation of the new system processes and configurations. Provided targeted end-user training to facilitate the effective adoption and use of the upgraded Infor system.

  1. Go-Live and Post-Go-Live Support

Successfully led HCPS through the Go-Live phase, transitioning to the upgraded Infor system. Continued to provide post-Go-Live support, including system optimization efforts to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency and meets HCPS’s ongoing needs.

Current Status and Outlook

The project is currently in progress, with significant milestones already achieved, including Intelligent Process Automation configuration and system testing. As HCPS approaches the Go-Live phase, the focus will shift to ensuring a smooth transition and providing comprehensive support to address any post-Go-Live challenges. The successful completion of this upgrade will significantly enhance HCPS’s financial and human resource management capabilities, positioning the school district to better serve its staff and students through improved operational efficiencies and system functionalities.

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