The Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust sought to upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Microsoft AX 2012, to enhance its Enterprise Asset Management and Financial Management capabilities. Avèro was engaged to provide expert consulting services, guiding TAIT through the assessment, planning, and vendor selection processes for the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365.


The project aimed to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of TAIT’s current ERP environment.
  • Facilitate virtual interactive discovery sessions to gather detailed requirements and expectations for the ERP upgrade.
  • Develop a Needs Assessment Report outlining the findings from the discovery sessions.
  • Assist TAIT in defining the specific modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 required for the upgrade.
  • Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) for qualified vendors to provide upgrade services.
  • Support TAIT in selecting a vendor, negotiating contracts, and planning for the pre-implementation phase.


Avèro’s approach to the project included several key phases:

  1. ERP Environment Assessment

The project commenced with an assessment of TAIT’s current ERP system, utilizing virtual interactive discovery sessions to engage with key stakeholders and understand the system’s functionalities and limitations.

  1. Needs Assessment Report Development

Based on the insights gathered during the discovery sessions, Avèro developed a Needs Assessment Report. This document detailed the current state of TAIT’s ERP environment and outlined the requirements and expectations for the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  1. Defining ERP Modules and RFP Development

Working closely with TAIT, Avèro defined the essential modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 needed for the upgrade. An RFP was then developed to solicit proposals from qualified vendors capable of delivering the required upgrade services.

  1. Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiations

Avèro assisted TAIT in the vendor selection process, evaluating proposals against the Trust’s requirements. Once a vendor was chosen, Avèro supported TAIT in negotiating the contract terms and ensuring that the project scope, timeline, and costs were aligned with TAIT’s objectives.

  1. Pre-implementation Planning

With the vendor selected and the contract in place, Avèro assisted TAIT with pre-implementation planning. This phase involved preparing for the upgrade process, ensuring that all necessary resources were in place, and establishing a clear plan to facilitate a smooth transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365.


The project successfully laid the groundwork for upgrading TAIT’s ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365, enhancing its Enterprise Asset Management and Financial Management modules. Through Avèro’s guidance, TAIT developed a clear understanding of its requirements, selected a qualified vendor, and entered the pre-implementation phase with a solid plan. This upgrade initiative is set to significantly improve TAIT’s operational efficiency, data management capabilities, and overall financial oversight, supporting the Trust in its mission to manage and develop the Tulsa Airports effectively.

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