The Susquehanna Regional Airport Authority embarked on an ambitious initiative to overhaul its IT infrastructure and enhance cybersecurity measures. Avèro was brought on board to conduct an in-depth IT assessment and craft an IT Master Plan. This project aimed at understanding SARAA’s current IT environment, identifying gaps, and developing a strategic plan to guide IT modernization efforts and investments over the next five years.


The main objectives of this comprehensive project were to:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of SARAA’s existing IT environment, including network infrastructure, IT service delivery, and enterprise software systems.
  • Evaluate SARAA’s cybersecurity practices against the 22-point National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework.
  • Perform a gap analysis to identify discrepancies between the current and desired future states of SARAA’s IT operations.
  • Develop IT modernization strategies and a tactical action plan to prioritize and guide IT investments and initiatives over the next five years.
  • Present the IT Master Plan Report to SARAA and support the Authority in implementing the outlined strategies.


Avèro’s approach included several key phases:

  1. Discovery and Current-State Assessment

The project kicked off with discovery interviews involving key SARAA stakeholders to gain insights into the current IT environment. This initial phase was crucial for understanding the baseline from which improvements could be made.

  1. Cybersecurity Evaluation

Working closely with SARAA’s IT Department, Avèro evaluated the Authority’s cybersecurity environment, comparing current practices and documentation against the rigorous standards of the NIST cybersecurity framework to identify areas for enhancement.

  1. Gap Analysis

Following data collection, a gap analysis was conducted to pinpoint the differences between SARAA’s current IT operations and the optimized future state. This analysis was foundational in identifying specific areas that required strategic attention.

  1. Development of IT Modernization Strategies

Based on the gap analysis, Avèro developed a set of IT modernization strategies, addressing the identified gaps. These strategies were then organized into a tactical action plan, prioritizing initiatives to effectively guide SARAA’s IT investments and efforts over the next five years.

  1. IT Master Plan Report and Ongoing Support

In August 2023, Avèro presented the IT Master Plan Report to SARAA, offering a clear roadmap for IT improvements. Avèro has committed to continue supporting SARAA in the implementation of this master plan, ensuring the Authority can achieve its IT modernization goals.

Current Status and Outlook

With the IT Master Plan Report delivered to SARAA, the project has now transitioned to the implementation phase. Avèro’s ongoing support will be instrumental in realizing the strategic objectives outlined in the plan, enhancing SARAA’s IT infrastructure, cybersecurity measures, and overall operational efficiency. This partnership is set to transform SARAA’s IT capabilities, positioning the Authority to meet current and future challenges with a robust, secure, and efficient IT environment.

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