Valley Regional Transit (VRT) in Idaho embarked on an initiative to enhance its operational efficiency through the procurement and implementation of a new suite of integrated enterprise systems. This project aimed to replace VRT’s existing ERP system, FleetNet, with a more modern solution that encompasses Enterprise Asset Management, Financial Management, and Human Capital Management. Avèro was chosen to provide professional project management services, guiding VRT through every phase of the project from initial assessment to ongoing implementation.


The project aimed to achieve several key objectives:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of VRT’s current ERP environment to identify all necessary functionalities.
  • Develop a Needs Assessment Report and Requirements Traceability Matrix to clearly define the requirements for the new ERP system.
  • Create and coordinate the solicitation of an RFP for ERP software procurement and implementation services.
  • Assist with vendor evaluation, contract negotiations, and provide support throughout the implementation process.
  • Provide ongoing project management services for the Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation.


Avèro’s approach to this project involved several critical phases:

  1. Current State ERP Environment Review

Avèro’s Project Team conducted an in-depth review of VRT’s existing ERP environment, focusing on core functional areas such as Enterprise Asset Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, and Reporting/Analytics. This review ensured a comprehensive understanding of the required functionalities for the new system.

  1. Needs Assessment and Requirements Development

Based on the review, Avèro developed a comprehensive Needs Assessment Report and Requirements Traceability Matrix. These documents detailed the specific requirements for the new ERP system, guiding the procurement process.

  1. RFP Development and Solicitation

Avèro crafted and coordinated the RFP for ERP software procurement and implementation services. This involved outlining the detailed requirements identified in the previous phases to ensure potential vendors could propose solutions that meet VRT’s needs.

  1. Vendor Evaluation and Contract Negotiations

Avèro assisted VRT in evaluating proposals from vendors, conducting contract negotiations, and selecting the most suitable ERP solution. This phase ensured that the chosen system and vendor aligned with VRT’s operational goals and requirements.

  1. Implementation Support and Project Management

With Oracle Fusion Cloud selected as the new ERP solution, Avèro is providing ongoing project management services to support its implementation. This includes overseeing the project timeline, coordinating between VRT and the vendor, and addressing any challenges that arise during the implementation process.

Current Status and Outlook

The project is currently in the implementation phase, with Avèro actively managing the rollout of the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP solution at VRT. Through Avèro’s expertise in project management and ERP systems, VRT is poised to significantly enhance its operational capabilities, streamlining processes across Enterprise Asset Management, Financial Management, and Human Capital Management. This transition represents a major step forward in VRT’s efforts to modernize its operational infrastructure and improve service delivery across Idaho.

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