Washoe County School District (WCSD) initiated a project to upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, encompassing Financial Management and Human Capital Management modules. To guide this critical endeavor, WCSD enlisted Avèro for consulting and project management services. The project involves comprehensive planning, from current state analysis and future state envisioning to technical requirements definition and needs assessment. Avèro’s role extends through the preparation of the Request for Proposal (RFP), vendor selection, and subsequent system implementation, underlining their comprehensive commitment to enhancing WCSD’s operational efficiency.


The project is aimed at achieving several objectives:

  • Understand WCSD’s current ERP system environment and identify areas for improvement.
  • Envision and map the future state of WCSD’s ERP system to align with its operational goals.
  • Define technical requirements and conduct a thorough needs assessment for the new ERP system.
  • Prepare a detailed RFP to facilitate the vendor selection process.
  • Provide ongoing project management services to ensure a smooth and efficient vendor selection and system implementation process.


Avèro’s approach includes several key phases:

  1. Current State Analysis and Future State Envisioning

Avèro started by collaborating with WCSD’s project sponsors to gain a deep understanding of the current ERP system and operational needs. This phase involved analyzing existing workflows, system capabilities, and inefficiencies to envision an optimized future state.

  1. Technical Requirements Definition and Needs Assessment

Building on the initial analysis, Avèro defined the technical requirements for the new ERP system. This involved a detailed needs assessment to ensure the future system would meet WCSD’s comprehensive financial and human capital management needs.

  1. RFP Preparation

Avèro is currently preparing the RFP, detailing the technical requirements, functional needs, and operational expectations to solicit proposals from qualified ERP vendors. This critical document is designed to attract vendors capable of delivering a system that meets WCSD’s specific requirements.

  1. Vendor Selection and Implementation Project Management

Following the RFP process, Avèro will assist WCSD in evaluating vendor proposals, conducting contract negotiations, and selecting the most suitable ERP solution. Avèro will then extend their services to manage the implementation of the selected system, overseeing project timelines, coordinating with vendors, and addressing challenges to ensure successful deployment.

Current Status and Outlook

The project is in the RFP preparation stage, with Avèro playing a pivotal role in guiding WCSD through this complex process. As the project advances, Avèro’s comprehensive project management services will be instrumental in selecting and implementing a new ERP system that enhances WCSD’s financial and human capital management operations. This initiative represents a significant step toward modernizing WCSD’s operational infrastructure, promising improved efficiency, transparency, and service delivery across the district.

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