The Town of Warrenton, Virginia, embarked on a crucial initiative to enhance its IT infrastructure and cybersecurity measures, recognizing the need to modernize its IT services and enterprise software systems to better support its operations. Avèro was selected for this vital task, tasked with conducting a comprehensive IT assessment and developing an IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap. This project aimed to provide a clear and actionable guide for the Town’s IT decision-making over the next three years.


The primary objectives of this project were to:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the Town’s current IT environment.
  • Evaluate the Town’s cybersecurity posture against the 22-point National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework.
  • Identify gaps between the current IT infrastructure and services and the desired future state.
  • Develop and prioritize IT modernization strategies.
  • Create a comprehensive IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap to guide the Town of Warrenton’s IT decision-making for the next three years.


Avèro’s approach to achieving these objectives included several key phases:

  1. IT Environment Assessment

The project began with in-depth interviews with key internal stakeholders to understand the current state of IT service delivery and the use of enterprise software systems. This phase aimed to capture a comprehensive view of the Town’s IT infrastructure and operations.

  1. Cybersecurity Evaluation

Working alongside the Town’s Director of IT and IT team members, Avèro evaluated Warrenton’s cybersecurity environment. This involved assessing current cybersecurity practices and documentation against the NIST cybersecurity framework to pinpoint areas for improvement.

  1. Gap Analysis

Following the data gathering, Avèro conducted a gap analysis to identify discrepancies between the current IT environment and the optimized future state. This analysis was crucial for highlighting areas that required strategic attention and modernization.

  1. Development of IT Modernization Strategies

Based on the gap analysis, Avèro developed a set of prioritized IT modernization strategies. These strategies were designed to address the identified gaps, leveraging opportunities to enhance the Town’s IT infrastructure and cybersecurity measures.

  1. IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap Development

The final phase involved compiling the findings, analyses, and strategies into a comprehensive IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap. This document provided a detailed guide for the Town of Warrenton’s IT decision-making and initiatives over the next three years, outlining a clear path for IT modernization.


The IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap delivered by Avèro equipped the Town of Warrenton with a strategic vision and actionable steps for enhancing its IT infrastructure and cybersecurity posture. Through this initiative, the Town has a clear direction for modernizing its IT services and enterprise software systems, ensuring they are well-positioned to support municipal operations effectively and securely. This foundational work lays the groundwork for informed IT decision-making and strategic investments, positioning the Town of Warrenton for success in the coming years.

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